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Everyone hates their husband right? Or is it just me? I mean I love him just as much as I hate him but still… it’s like a pendulum. Marriage means learning to love one day at a time and getting over it when you swing deep into the dislike domain. I’m sure tomorrow will be a love day.


Through the years

A friend (I use that term loosely after this exchange)  just told me, “Women are nutty at 20, quirky at 30, which later becomes full flown crazy at  40, 50, and 60”. I replied, Men are immature at 20, egotistical at 30, disillusioned by 40 and then the cycle starts all over again with a midlife crisis.

Welcome to my Word!

I’ve unleashed my alter ego and she is keeping it 100% real regarding love and relationships. Even if it goes wrong it’ll be funny as hell.

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